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Born and raised in Belgium, yet being half Brazilian, half Italian, one can say that music is in my blood. 

Music is not only my profession, but my absolute passion.

Already fond of music and feeling a strong urge to play it, I nagged my mother from age 4 to play a musical instrument. However, I was only able to receive musical tuition from age 8 in Brussels, Belgium. Finishing Music Academy in Brussels and then Conservatory in Antwerpen, my musical tuition was now complete.

Even though my musical upringing is mainly classical, I listen to, enjoy and play also different styles and genres.

Why I love music so much and what I want to achieve with it?

Music speaks no language, it has no boundaries; there are no limits to its beauty and possibilities. It is creation at its best. Music has a language of its own, it touches the heart, heals and moves.

Music LIVES!

That is what makes it so special to me.

And that is also what my main aim is: to make you see the beauty in each melodic line, to make you feel every palette of emotion and to hopefully touch your heart with my music.


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